The State of The Digital Church in The Two Cities 2022

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This research provides a comprehensive look at the state of the digital presence and activity of the churches in the Two Cities across the internet, mobile devices, social media, and live streaming.

Everything your church needs to be resilient, compliant and engaging

The Digital Church Platform® enables you to increase the effectiveness of your mission activities, improve your engagement with your congregation and other communities, reduce the cost of administration and improve compliance.

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Role Compliance

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Digital Repository

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Visitation Compliance

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Church CMS

Today, most churches operate with high degrees of uniqueness in their working practices. It is difficult to share, consolidate, and manage resources across these churches, yet most churches have limited resources and technical capabilities. No business would succeed if it followed a similar operating model with duplicated resources, lack of best practices, and digitisation.

Digitisation is essential for churches to operate effectively.

Digitisation of front and back-office can provide an opportunity to be more outward-facing – not only to be more successful in the Mission but also to engage and support local community initiatives that strengthen our society.

The Digital Church Platform® enables each church to present itself uniquely whilst providing a common way of working, giving churches, individually and collectively, the opportunity to engage with their target audiences - the congregation, visitors, and local communities - in the most compelling and relevant manner.

The Digital Church Platform® provides each church individually and collectively the opportunity to increase the return on the limited resources that are available.

It reduces risk, leverages existing content investments and provides a standard way of working.

It also provides the opportunity for greater transparency on governance and compliance issues.

Each church has the opportunity to engage with its target audiences - the congregation and the visitors.

The Church CMS  has been developed based on best practices in the user journey, content management and web development that are easy to use and scalable.