Church CMS

What is the Church CMS module?

A CMS is an abbreviation for a content management system, a computer software application connected to a website. It is a secure website that only pre-authorised individuals have access toand connects to a public facing website. Most websites have a CMS. If a website does not have a CMS attached to it, the website is normally temporary as it is nearly impossible to change anything on it.

A CMS allows you to put words, pictures, audio, videos on your public website for others to see. It allows you to take them down when you want.

The Digital Church Platform® CMS module is designed for real people in any church.  Very few churches are large enough to justify their own technology team and too many churches depend on the goodwill of a parishioner who volunteers to do something. The Digital Church Platform® CMS module replaces the need to know anything about coding or website builders, WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Drupal, Webflow, plug-ins, etc.

Why is it Important?

You already know how to run services, baptisms, confirmations, marriages, burials and community events.

In every church resources are limited whereas the need for the Mission seems to grow every day. We help you to increase your effectiveness by leveraging your existing investments.

The Digital Church Platform® CMS module provides everything you need to take your existing material and make it available to digitally to those who need it.


Every church who use the Digital Church Platform® CMS module immediately benefits from a world class solution.

The home page provides easy access to the services and information digital visitors want to find.

They can immediately access pastoral care and prayer support, find out what's on, learn more about your church, find out the latest news, and access faith resources, including subscribing to essential calendars. As important, they can see and engage with the community of people, charities and businesses in your parish and beyond, see safeguarding information and key contacts as well as make donations online.

Make a great impression on any visitor by helping them to learn more about your church, plan their first visit, know their next steps for getting involved, and always know where to find the most current information to engage with your church.

Of course, all of the content is easy to share on your preferred social media channels.

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