What is the Role Compliance module?

Compliance is acting according to an order, set of rules or requests, and role compliance is adhering to requirements, standards or regulations.

Like any other organisation, a church needs to comply with all manner of laws, regulations, and guidance. There are many areas subject to compliance, including the Board of Trustees, general governance, governance concerning Companies House, Operations, Data Protection, Property and Employment.

The Digital Church Platform® Role Compliance Module has been developed with cooperation and support from clergy and compliance officers to provide a simple and easy to use solution to ensure role compliance.

Why is it Important?

As an essential stakeholder in the well being of individuals, communities, societies and nations, and as a part of the Body of Christ, every individual in every role must be compliant with the legal and canon requirements.

The Digital Church Platform® Role Compliance Module provides a solution to ensure all the required documentation is in one place and provides a snapshot of compliance at the individual and organisation level.  It enables the church to identify shortcomings and create the necessary actions.

It is more important than ever, given the failings of individuals and institutions in our society at present.


With the Digital Church Platform® Role Compliance module, every PCC can easily see the status of role compliance in their church at the individual and organisation level.  

Over 46 roles have been pre-populated identifying required information concerning Role Appointment, Term and Description, ID Documentation, DBS Status, Safeguarding, Key Holder, First Aider, MH First Aider, Fire Safety Officer, Unconscious Bias Training.

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