What is the Role Compliance module?

Compliance is acting according to an order, set of rules or requests, and role compliance is adhering to requirements, standards, or regulations. Like any other organisation, a church must comply with all laws, regulations, and guidance.

Many areas are subject to compliance, including the Board of Trustees, general governance, governance concerning the Charity Commission, Operations, Data Protection, Property and Employment.

One of the key modules on The Digital Church Platform church software has been developed with cooperation and support from clergy and compliance officers to provide a simple and easy-to-use solution to ensure role compliance.

As we have transitioned to the digital age, we have found our digital assets - images, documents, videos, etc. sitting digitally in many different places - the priest's computer, the administrator's computer, and a churchwarden’s computer, to name a few.

And then each has their favourite place to store things - google docs, dropbox, their preferred software solution. Finding the item in question and the most recent version is sometimes challenging when a document is needed. And if the person who is responsible is away or falls ill, it is an even more time-consuming effort to locate it.

Why is it Important?



Providing churches with a secure, structured digital repository with role-based access through The Digital Church Platform Church software.  It improves the resilience of the administration of your church.

It provides an easily accessible single location for all digital assets, which is particularly important when there is a transition in staff and preparation for visitations.  Secure & Structured Access is granted, and individual access can be tracked.

The best practice structure has been developed, but it can easily be changed to your own structure at the click of a button.

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